We take safety seriously so we can have fun and keep coming back for more.


We have enough lifejackets, manual and automatic, for rowers, cox and those helping with the launch and retrieval of the skiff. We also have some buoyancy aids for beach, and harbour supporters.
Everyone on the skiff must wear a properly adjusted working lifejacket.
Beach support must wear a buoyancy aid as minimum when launching or retrieving the skiff.

Radios and Phones
We have radios, and Personal Licence Holders for emergency radio use, and walkie talkies for boat to shore chat, where the signal allows.
Anyone taking their mobile phone out on the water needs to have their own floating dry bag or something similar to store it in. It is incredibly depressing to lose a precious phone to saltwater damage.


We have PVG registered club members including trustees, but not all club coxes and rowing leaders have PVG registration. If anyone has any concerns about activities supervision, or PVG concerns, please contact the club Secretary via
We take under 16 youngsters out in the skiff, with parental consent and with supporting adult present either on the shore or in the skiff.

Safeguarding information

Designated Worriers

A key role in safety, despite its tongue in cheek name, is able to be carried out by anyone local to the launch point. The ‘designated worrier’ is vital for the longer training sessions or team skiff bookings. They don’t need to be able to row or want to go on the water. Their skills are communication, and level headedness.

Any training needed for this role can be provided through the club.
They are the shore point of contact for those in the skiff, and hold all the contact details for the rowers and cox.
They are the first person family members can contact if, for any reason – off gallivanting- the skiff is not back at the expected time.
Any member who thinks they would like to be a ‘Designated Worrier’ please contact Vikki on

What to wear?

  • Clothing suitable for the conditions is really important.
  • Comfy loose or stretchy clothing that allows full movement.
  • Layers in cold weather, and a hat – watch out for the wind, so something unlikely to blow off.
  • Sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen in good weather, and waterproofs in the rain.
  • When we are rowing we warm up quickly, but can cool down equally quickly!
  • Your lifejacket will be worn over any clothing.
  • Safety – Footwear?
  • If rowing for fun, wellies can be just as good as any other footwear; or old trainers you don’t mind getting sea water soaked.
  • Wet shoes are great if you have them, especially with a pair of socks inside. Wet feet can get cold.
  • Bare feet is not recommended, in case we have to stop anywhere. We routinely launch off the slipway at the Isle, but we may need to land on stony or sandy beaches.
  • Safety – Covid 19 and beyond
    • As a club we adhere to Scot Gov advice regarding managing the risks of Covid19.
    • We take guidance from the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association, and Sport Scotland as part of our risk management process.

If you have any questions about our safety protocols please contact us via