Membership Info

Anyone can apply to become a member of Wigtown Bay Coastal Rowing Club.

Please download a copy of the membership form, complete it in full and return it to the club secretary via email address

Full membership is open to anyone 16 years old and over, who is interested in coastal rowing. Full members have voting rights.

Junior membership is open to anyone under 16 years old.

Employees of the organisation – we have none at present- cannot become a member of the club.

Our people are our community, without supporters we would not be the community that we are. We have created guidance to seek to ensure that our Trustees and everyone involved with the club knows the minimum standards we hope to achieve to recognise the fabulous support we receive. Supporters Recognition Guidance

Membership fees 2023-2024

Full member 18 years and over £25 per person
Full member 16-17 years £10 per person
Junior member 15 years & younger, free

Membership is payable from 1st April to 31st March annually. For 2023-2024, the membership costs are the same as for last year, as agreed at our June AGM. These fees have remained unchanged since 2020.

Membership fees are calculated to be the minimum possible in order to cover boat and build insurance, and accountancy/book keeping requirements for continued registration as a SCIO under OSCR. Any fees collected that exceed the minimum needed will be used within the club.

We hope that these fees are affordable to everyone who would like to join. Not everyone has the same income, so please feel free to speak to a trustee in confidence if these amounts present you with difficulties. We will do our best as a club to allow everyone to take part.

For full details on the club constitution, membership policies, good conduct procedures, safety protocols etc, how to pay membership fees, please contact