Breagha’s Launch 29th May 2021

What a fantastic day we had on 29th May! Joined by Annan, Stranraer and Hippo (Garlieston) and lots of happy spectators from the Isle, holiday makers, and from surrounding villages.

Chairman Alastair Scoular opened the ceremony. Bob Rowley provided some fantastic poetry. Minister Alex Currie blessed Breagha before her maiden voyage. Piper Robbie McCutcheon serenaded our launch.

Becki Castle, Rowing Captain, takes charge with one of our oars
Becki Castle, Hebe MacFarlane (colours competition winner) Jannine Kelly, Alastair Scoular, and Vikki RM
We are so proud of Hebe’s original design for our skiff colours. There were terrific winning designs from all the primaries in the Machars; Garlieston, Kirkinner, Port William, Whithorn & Wigtown. Hebe’s design was the overall winner. Well done, we hope you like how we have interpreted your drawing.
Most of the build team captured with Breagha on her trailer. Stuart, in his colours blazer, John McG, Alan B, Richard L, Pete S. Vikki RM, Hamish P, Raymond M, and Dave J
Alan B, John McG and Alastair S lifting Breagha to get her in position to launch
Ready to launch for our maiden voyage. Tommy on beachmaster duties. Raymond as cox, Becki in stroke, Hamish in 3, Pete in 2, Vikki in bow.
Stranraer’s Lady Bay waiting on the slipway, and Annan’s crew ready to launch to meet Breagha on the water
Hippo rows into Isle of Whithorn Bay, just in time for the ceremony to begin. Arriving by sea from Rigg Bay Garlieston. Fantastic entrance guys!
Stranraer launched ready to greet Breagha on the water
Breagha’s launch!!!
Robbie McCutcheon serenades the launch
Fantastic cakes, donated generously by so many. Bought by so many. Sue and Dru on sales duties.
Irene and Ken Matier planting a Rowan sapling at the green outside St Ninians Hall. Sapling donated by Roy Walter of Garlieston
Time to chat, celebrating all the hard work to get this far. Hamish P, Raymond M and Dave J
Alastair’s speech to the socially distanced crowds.

These are just a selection of the fabulous photographs taken on the day by Richard Lucas of Gallery 64.

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